Middle School ELA Thanksgiving

November Autumn Lesson Plan

1 – 2 Days


This is the PERFECT English / Language Arts Lesson Plan for that day (or two!) right before Thanksgiving Break!

Your kids are going nuts, you’ve got nothing but travel and recipes (or both!) on your mind, and neither you nor your students wants to be at school!

But you know you have to keep it academic because your school admin has said “no movies” (man, those were the days, right??) so here’s the solution:

November Autumn Lesson Plans & Printables

Download these four items now! 

Check the downloads section of your computer because the download happens so fast!


Download the Lesson Plan page here!

Download the Bell Ringer - Do Now Activity!

PDF Version of Downloadable Printables & Activities

Download the WORD version of the printables & activities!


All of this is aligned to the Common Core CCSS and to the Texas TEKS (for our Texas teacher friends!)

If anything doesn’t download correctly or “play nice” then just shoot me an email and let me know! I’m happy to help you in any way! Gotta look out for teachers, right?

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  1. Shontaye Leonard says:

    Thanks for the lesson plans

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