Reading Aloud Doesn’t Have to Suck!

Kids Reading Aloud: It Doesn’t Have to Be Painful!   Easy, actionable steps to take to ensure your students can read aloud with real voice and tone: […]

Teaching TONE in Your Middle School ELA Class

Teaching Tone Activities for Your Middle School ELA Classroom   What is the TONE of the text? It’s not what you say… It’s how you say it. But […]

Methods of Characterization

Teaching Characterization in 6th Grade ELA How Writers Show Characterization appearance inner thoughts & feelings outer actions & speaking what others say about that characters how others […]

Close Reading, Annotating, Text Evidence

Close Reading Skills & Annotating Stop the excessive underlining and highlighting! Close reading skills don’t happen by accident— it’s a skill set that, when implemented effectively, […]

Writing Activities Kids Need (Easy to Grade)!

 Hint: Holistic Grading is the best thing since sliced bread. The cross that we bear as Language Arts teachers is all the freakin’ writing we have […]