What’s going on with all the English / Language Arts Lesson Plans I keep hearing about?  

We are working hard to create a year’s worth of these lesson plans for our members. Once completed, there will be 30 – 36 weeks of lesson plan units for grades 6-7-8. Each unit will contain the following: 

  • Lesson Plan for the teacher
  • Day-by-day specific plans with Common Core state standards
  • The “I can” and “We will” statements for students (CCSS and Tx TEKS, respectively)
  • The main objective for each day’s lesson
  • Bellringers, lessons, PowerPoints, group and independent practice handouts, critical writing opportunities, exit tickets or quizzes, and projects and other assessments
  • Vocabulary is embedded throughout the units so that new words are introduced in real-world situations (words are chosen carefully to fit in with the context of each lesson)
  • Grammar and punctuation concepts are embedded throughout the units as well rather than being taught in isolation
  • Writing in various styles and genres is embedded all through the units as well.


What lessons are available now, and what else is coming?

Grade 6

  • Fiction Elements / Short Story Unit
  • Figurative Language & Poetry Unit
  • Drama Unit
  • Media / Persuasive Language Unit
  • Genre Unit (not uploaded yet, but done)
  • Nonfiction / Text Features / Text Structure Unit (done but not uploaded yet)
  • Research Writing Unit
  • More to come!
  • Training videos will be created based on member requests

Grade 7 & 8

  • 6-9 weeks of narrative reading & writing units
  • 6-9 weeks of argument / persuasion reading & writing units
  • 6-9 weeks of descriptive reading & writing units
  • 6-9 weeks of expository reading & writing units
  • grammar elements / punctuation embedded throughout
  • Total Upon Completion: 36 weeks of reading and writing intensive lesson plans


Do I have to teach these units in that exact order? 

Definitely not! Each unit is ready for you to use in any order you wish. Sometimes it totally depends on what school district you’re in as far as which type of content to teach in what order. Sometimes it changes year to year based on the needs of your students or what the teacher feels like doing. Each unit stands alone, independent of the others. 



How can I use this membership forum and website and everything to provide intervention and extension for my students?

It really depends on what grade level you teach.  If you teach 7th grade for instance, you can use some of the 6th grade materials to scaffold things back as needed for your students who aren’t working at a 7th grade level yet. For your more advanced students, you could reach up into the 8th grade materials to pull assignments that will help your students grow.

If you teach 8th grade, that’s as high as these lesson plans go, but I’m always adding different materials and levels of reading to meet the needs to different learners. On the other hand, you can still reach back into 7th or even 6th grade materials here to find lessons that are scaffolded for you to use if you need to provide separate intervention lessons.


What about re-teaching opportunities and “spiraling back”? 

I’ve never taught a class that didn’t benefit from reteaching older concepts, so that’s what my “A-Z Writing Project” is for! I currently have one whole unit of the “A-Z Writing Project” available for free to anyone who is a subscriber to my email list. There are six other units like these that members have full access to for use in class all throughout the year to help students “spiral back” to concepts learned earlier. To learn more about how these little writing units work as reteaching and spiraling lessons, click here to read the blog post I wrote about how I use them. And if you haven’t done so already, join my email list and I’ll get that writing unit to you ASAP! (I have not uploaded all of them yet… That is coming soon!) If you join and you want them sooner, I’ll email them to you separately until they are fully uploaded inside the membership forums.

Also, and this is really important, is that with these language arts lesson plans, your students will be exposed to many of the same concepts over and over throughout the year. We’re never done teaching main idea or inferencing. We’re never done talking about how characters’ decisions move the plot forward. We never stop teaching figurative language or imagery. And we do not ever stop talking about author’s purpose, or theme, or life lessons. You will see these elements of the language arts curriculum in every unit throughout the year.


What about my favorite stories or poems that I still want to fit it? How does that work?

As a Language Arts teacher, I sometimes like to use certain poems or specific stories simply because I love to teach them. Personally, Jack Prelutsky’s “The Witch” poem is one I do every Halloween with my students, no matter what unit we’re in! So once you’re a member and you have the whole unit of plans, you’ll be able to clearly see where you might want to fit something in that you love doing each year. You’ll be able to look at everything and think, “Ok, I’ll skip that activity and do my own instead.” Or, “Instead of the reading passage I have from this website, I’ll go ahead and use my own passage that I like so much and my kids will still get good information out of it.” 

That’s certainly fine! But if you don’t want to mess with having to pull resources together, and wonder how to introduce a new topic or a new concept each day, that’s what these lessons do! Either way, your life will be so much easier with the units all done for you, right down to daily bell ringers and exit tickets and everything in between!


Can I edit the handouts and PowerPoints and other things I download for the lessons? 

Oh, yes! I offer the content in both PDF and PowerPoint and Word formats, so you can easily edit anything you want. If you have a different version of the software, you can still have the PDF versions so that if something downloads and looks strange, you know what the original is supposed to look like. I wrote and created each lesson and each activity with detail and precision to help you avoid any extra work, but I understand that sometimes you just have to make adjustments, and that’s ok! (If you need Keynote or Pages, I have that, too. Just email me about it and I’ll get it to you. Most people prefer PowerPoint and Word, though). 


What’s the deal with the Member stuff you’ve mentioned?

The Members area is ready and open for new Members to join right now at a discounted membership price (for as long as they remain members!) While not every single aspect of this site is up and running yet, those who choose to join at that time will get full access to everything I have available at this point, along with the inside advantage of literally telling me what else they want to see in each unit of lesson plans. I will add, change, and tweak things for them based on their needs! The Membership site and services will be fully developed based on members’ needs! It’s a great time to join! 


What will Members get? 

Members will have full access to everything available on the website. These items will include the following: 

  • Unit Lesson Plans for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Language Arts
  • Forums for each unit where members can ask questions, get support, and suggest changes for me to make
  • Forums for more specific teacher-related challenges (a supportive, private way to discuss problems and get specific help with all those tricky issues that arise throughout the year!)
  • Training videos for members to view anytime for professional development purposes (complete with downloadable certificates upon completion!) Lots of topics, too! ESL, technology, GT, reading & writing, small groups & centers, etc.
  • New, updated lesson plan units and content on a regular basis throughout the year
  • All for an affordable, monthly price! (Or for a discount if you choose to pay upfront for a whole year at once).


So… You’re really in the forums? It’s you and not some assistant or a robot or something like that? 

Yeah, it’s really, really me. I’m in the forums regularly, interacting with all of you. And while a lot of times you guys will be answering each other’s questions and giving advice, I’m there, too, to guide you and give an objective answer. It’s nice just to be able to post an honest, real question or problem and to have a community there to help you navigate all the issues that come up throughout the year, whether it’s related to lesson plans or to parent emails or to mean principals, or to new job placements, etc.

And the best part is this:  The forums are protected behind a “wall” that no one has access to, except for US in the paid members’ area. How awesome to have a sticky situation pop up at work and to be able to log in right away to our forum here and post the issue and get help! It’s peace of mind to know that you have a whole community to turn to, ready to help, at any given time.


Will there be a discount available if someone wants to pay for a year upfront? 

Absolutely! I’m  offering 2 months free when people choose to pay one time for a year’s worth of access. Also, paying by purchase order will be available in case people are able to use school funds for the lesson plans. Any way you pay, or however you join, you will always have full, equal access to all materials and resources in the Membership area. If you need a purchase order form or invoice form, let me know and I’ll send it to you.


Me and a couple friends of mine that I teach with want to know if there’s a discount for multiple orders. We all want to use this stuff!

Yes! Here’s what we can offer you, and the discount applies to monthly or annual memberships!

  • 3-5 teachers= 20% discount
  • 6-10 teachers= 25% discount
  • 11+ teachers= 30% discount


I don’t want to use a credit card. Is there a way to mail a check or money order for payment instead? 

Of course! The payment address is PO Box 173382 Arlington, Tx 76003. If you need more information on that, shoot me an email!


If I have more questions, will you respond through your email? Is it really YOU who responds? 

Yes, it’s really me! I do read every email that comes through and I will respond within 24 hours (and usually a lot sooner!).


Can I go ahead and sign up for the free English /  Language Arts lessons and activities that you have available? 

Definitely! Click the button below and that will put you on my email list where I’ll start sending you a collection of various activities and resources ready to use right now in your class. I know they’ll help you teach better and get some time back. Plus, you’ll be able to sample a lot of great types of lessons and activities over the coming weeks that I’ll send your way on a regular basis.



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