Kid-friendly movie clips to help

show, teach, and explain

different types of conflict



Conflict can be superfun and easy to teach! Start by using the image above, which I use as a bell ringer in one of my four-week units on teaching elements of fiction.  I just throw that little PowerPoint slide up on my large overhead projector and give the kiddos a few minutes to write about it. I let them share their answers with a partner or partners, and then we move right into the video clips (link appears below).

Don’t ignore the power of YouTube as a teaching tool to engage the interest of your students, reach them at their level, and push them forward into more advanced analysis.

This series of five video clips comes from Toy Story, Transformers, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Twister. These allow you to discuss man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. society, and man vs. self.

CLICK HERE for instant access to the best kid-friendly, school-appropriate video clips I found on YouTube to showcase the many types of conflict. They’re short, thorough, and highly engaging!

Follow up the video lesson by using this little image as an Exit Ticket at the end of class, or even as a bell ringer the very next day. Again, this is another little PowerPoint slide taken from one of my four-week units. (Sign up here to get instant access to the units), or simply use the image below to get you started 🙂 




Sometimes, teaching internal conflict can be a bit trickier than teaching external conflict since it’s a little more abstract.

This series of video clips contains more emphasis for helping students to understand the concept of internal conflict (man vs. self).

1) Gollum struggles with his alter-ego in self-doubt, uncertainty, and trying to figure out who he really wants to be and what decision he should make.

2) Here, real teens discuss the struggle between whether to stay home and work on a science project for school or go to a concert with a friend who has an extra ticket.

3) In this video, you see a lady who wants to eat healthy and give up junk food, but it’s her friend’s birthday and this amazing cake is here now… What will she do?


Obviously, there’s so much more you can do (and should do!) to teach conflict, and I have beaucoup lessons and activities in my comprehensive units, but you have to start somewhere and so the purpose of this particular blog post is to simply get you and your students started in a way that is active, engaging, and that promotes discussion and analysis.

Need help with more comprehensive lesson plans and activities? Let me help you get what you need! Sign up here to become part of my community and to learn more about what it would be like to have bell ringers, lessons, activities, quizzes, exit tickets, writing assignments, and more all totally done for you each day, each week, and each month! 

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