December Lesson Plan Middle School ELA


Middle School ELA December Lesson Plan PERFECT for that last day or two right before BREAK!


What’s inside the lesson plan:

  • A Lesson Plan page aligned to both CCSS and Texas TEKS standards
  • A beautiful Power Point for your students to work from which puts that last day or two of class on autopilot
  • Each slide has a Christmas or Winter-themed quote from famous literature
  • Each slide contains a re-teach of the type of figurative language used in the quote
  • The quotes each contain rich examples of figurative language
  • Built-in questions related to the writer’s use of imagery, figurative language, etc. in the quotes with a separate handout for each of the 10 quotes in the Power Point

Ideas for how to use this lesson plan:

  • There are 10 quotes, so you could use one each day for 10 days leading up to Christmas break
  • You could use five on one day and five on another day to help get you and your students through those last two days before break
  • Just use all 10 on that final day and keep your class running pretty much on autopilot!
  • Print out the slides of the Power Point in full color and laminate them! Then post them around the room and have students move from quote to quote in any order, responding to the writer’s use of imagery and figurative language on the provided student handouts, using those quotes as model texts so they can write their own descriptions!

Figurative Language at Christmas Full Lesson Plan

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