Teaching Plot Analysis with Video Clips

Plot Analysis with Videos in 6th Grade Language Arts   Before analyzing plot, like really analyzing it, it may be helpful to review some basics. Regardless […]

Methods of Characterization

Teaching Characterization in 6th Grade ELA How Writers Show Characterization appearance inner thoughts & feelings outer actions & speaking what others say about that characters how others […]

Activities to Teach Setting

Ideas for Teaching Setting in 6th Grade Language Arts   Setting: How to teach it in quiz, easy ways. If you’ve ever been in my shoes, […]

Teaching Conflict

Kid-friendly movie clips to help show, teach, and explain different types of conflict   Conflict can be superfun and easy to teach! Start by using the […]

Quick ELA Lit. Centers – 6th Grade

SUPERQUICK literature centers in the 6th grade ELA classroom Why I use literature centers in my 6th grade language arts classroom I need a way to reteach important concepts […]