Text Structures: Who Cares?

Text Structures  Concrete to Abstract How do we get students to not only understand what a text structure is, but to know why it’s important and […]

Close Reading, Annotating, Text Evidence

Close Reading Skills & Annotating Stop the excessive underlining and highlighting! Close reading skills don’t happen by accident— it’s a skill set that, when implemented effectively, […]

Easy Email Templates for Busy Teachers

Struggling with what to say to a parent through email?  It can be tricky putting things in writing sometimes, and it’s easy to suddenly lose an […]

Best Paid APPS for Teachers

Ok, people. You get what you pay for. I discovered this the hard way. Well… I take that back. Not so much the hard way per […]

Responding to Ridiculous, Angry Parent Emails (Part Two)

Responding to Ridiculous and Angry Parent Emails! 3 More Scenarios to Help You! I  split this into two blog posts: 3 scenarios here and then the first 3 appeared […]