Ok, people.
You get what you pay for.

I discovered this the hard way. Well… I take that back. Not so much the hard way per se, but I discovered this in the the annoying, inconvenient, waste-of-my-time kind of way.

Free apps are awesome for personal use because I don’t really mind playing Spades on my iPhone for free while waiting in line at the store on a Saturday afternoon. I don’t mind clicking past all the ads, and I don’t particularly want to pay to play strangers. I’m fine with honing my mad Spades skilz against the computer.

But when it comes to school and my job… I’m just gonna pay for the best and be done with it! Anything I can do to save time and sanity is worth it. Besides… if the free version of the APP is good then nine times out of ten I end up buying the “pro” version just because I want the simplicity, ease-of-use, and extra features anyway.

Some people refuse— I mean refuse— to pay for “extras.” Oh sure, they’ll go out each weekend and buy packs of pencils and notebook paper because the kids never seem to have paper and pencils… So why not just pay the $4.99 for a really cool scanner app that allows you to upload all their handouts onto their class website so sick kids can work from home.

Why keep traipsing down to the copy room over and over because kids are continuously losing their handouts? Um… I make enough copies for each student and then if it’s lost, I point to the computer where the student can login any time from any location and access the handout. That saves me so much time, I’d pay the $4.99 each week if I had to. It’s worth it!

Anyway… It seems that we always hear about THE BEST FREE APPS FOR EDUCATORS but how often are they really free?

How well do they really work?

Are they lacking in functionality to where you can only do so much and then you just end up buying the dang app full-price anyway?

Typically, the answer to those questions is yes.

So, here are THE BEST PAID APPS FOR EDUCATORS that are totally worth the cost!

And no, I don’t get any kickbacks or anything for writing about these apps. They’re just apps I use that I think are so very worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 8.30.05 PM

What other awesome Apps do you guys use that you want to tell us about?

We can always learn more by sharing what we actually use. If it saves time and sanity, then it’s totally worth it!

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