Writing Activities Kids Need (Easy to Grade)!

 Hint: Holistic Grading is the best thing since sliced bread. The cross that we bear as Language Arts teachers is all the freakin’ writing we have […]

Using Pinterest for Thinking and Writing

I don’t know if you can really do this every day… It definitely depends on how much class time you have. It’s more important to just do […]

Five Ways to Get Kids Writing All the Time

Um… Just make them write everything? When I first began teaching English / Language Arts, I was just trying to survive. I even had a principal […]

“I’m Done! Now what do I do?”

  What to Do When Kids Finish Their Work Early Those few minutes that exist between activities when some kids have finished their work and others […]

3 Ways to Get Students Using Vocabulary

Like… actually using it. For real. Ok, so whether you’re teaching Greek & Latin root words or SAT terminology, you know what it’s like to feel […]