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Live life first, then teach!

This is a website and small business created by me, a certified (grades 6-12) middle school Language Arts teacher and M.Ed. dedicated to helping you teach awesome lessons each day of the school year while still having a life outside the classroom for both yourself and for your family (so you, too, can go hiking in flip-flops).

I’ve spent nearly 20 years teaching English / Language Arts to grades 6-12 AND as in instructional coach. Now I serve super-crazy-busy Middle School ELA teachers who are sick to death of sacrificing their personal / family time prepping for class.

Afternoons, evenings, weekends, and holidays are for yourself, your friends, and your family–NOT for lesson-planning, gathering resources, spending hours upon hours online trying to piece random things together to make all the lessons and activities you need each day.

As author and creator of www.languageartsteachers.com, I am dedicated to helping other ELA teachers provide solid, creative, and rigorous instruction for their students while saving time and leaving work at work.

I’m an avid proponent of teaching high-quality, engaging lessons but then wiping your hands clean each day and going home to your family and your other duties at a reasonable time. This should be the norm, not the exception.

Here at languageartsteachers.com, I provide weekly and monthly lesson plans (aligned to both Texas TEKS and to the Common Core State Standards) that you can download and use in your classroom all throughout the school year. Therefore, through my website, writing, curriculum unit planning, and digital trainings, I work to serve Language Arts teachers.

Why did I decide to start this kind of service with sooo many other teacher lesson plan options out there?

That’s easy: No matter how many cute little bundles of lesson goodies available for download, or how many hours you could spend scouring the Internet for that perfect lesson, it never really solves the problem of finding the time to piece everything together.

Think about it: If you download a super-cute poetry lesson, it’ll either end up being too challenging, too easy, or too long or too short and even then, you still have to look up the standards, figure out what to teach before and after, and on and on. Plus, teachers typically end up having to create a PowerPoint to introduce the topic, search for a supporting video to engage students, plan various levels of questions and interactive activities, figure out a little exit ticket…

So you see, ultra-busy middle school ELA teachers need one place that has it all done:

  • the objective and standards done each day
  • the bellringer/warm up/do now done
  • the instructional PowerPoint or other mini-lesson activity done
  • the handouts and printables done
  • the follow-up activity or quiz done
  • the final unit test done
  • the differentiated instructional components done

And it all has to flow from one day to the next in a way that makes sense for teachers AND students!

So that’s what I set out to create. I wanted to make it super-accessible to me, to my coworkers, to my friends, and now to YOU and to every other middle school ELA teacher out there.

You MUST be able to enjoy your weekends and walk in Monday morning knowing that all you have to do is boot up your computer, print a couple of handouts, get the PowerPoint going… and know that it has all been strategically planned out with intention and with rigor and that it will be awesome each day for your kids.

In addition to regularly-released new and updated lesson plans all throughout the year, I want the members of this site to have a supportive community where they can talk about specific problems and get help with the typical issues that arise out of teaching.

This is also a place where members can basically say, “Hey, I love the month of the Persuasive Language unit, but I’d like to see a group project to finish it out. Can we get one developed for us?” Sure! I’ll develop that for my members!

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